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Tell me all about you

You tell me your features and what makes you unique so I will know which roles you are perfect for.

I search all castings

Using my super smart AI brain I can perfectly scan all available roles for you.

I recommend jobs

I will immediately share every perfect role I find for you, and your responses to my recommendations will help me make better recommendations every day.


Human memory can only do so much
Our system helps each casting professional and agent become a super human, half human/half machine who can perfectly remember thousands of talent instantly!

Reminds talent to apply to roles they are perfect for
As much as actors hate missing casting calls they would have been perfect for, casting professionals and agents hate it even more. If you are perfect for their role, they want to make sure you remember to submit so they can get you in the room!

The demands on casting have never been higher
The demand for diverse and true to character casting has outpaced the ability of the current system, with robot assistants inviting all the best talent for each role casting professionals and agents can focus on what they do best, booking amazing talent!


We get it being an actor is hard work. Between auditions, classes, and actual shoots, who has time to scan thousands of listed roles to find the ones you are right for?

We are here to help, our goal is to make sure the best people get seen for the best role every time and they don’t miss their opportunity of a lifetime just because they never heard about the job for which they would have been perfect.

So let a robot handle the busy work of looking through thousands of casting calls, you just focus on being awesome and booking the jobs!

We are starting a movement to help the best talent succeed.


Casting.Ai’s team members and advisors include members of SAG-AFTRA, Oxford University Data Scientist, NY Times best selling authors, top commercial casting directors in NYC/LA, and of course Robots!

JonRobot Tamer

DavidData Genius

AidenExecutive Producer

StellaNY Bot

JoyLA Bot

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